Jill’s albums Earthbound, Souls to Fuse, and Pirsig Studios Sessions are available to stream or download for free on Jamendo.  If you like what you hear, send a note, tell a friend, or come say hi at a live show.


“Have you ever heard the sun rise? Have you ever held the concept of your own life in your hand? Have you ever felt, simultaneously, the sum total of all existing happiness and the sum total of all existing sadness?

Of course not; nobody has. But we’ve come close. The evidence is in the music of one Jill Zimmerman. Her songs are real. Take an average song you hear on the radio. Strip off the layers of nonsense. Remove the unnecessary production. Get rid of the fabricated reality and insincerity laced within the words and the melody. Replace these elements with real, honest-to-goodness truth. Then add some soul. I’m not talkin’ about the musical genre. I’m talkin’ about the part of a person that makes them real.

A discussion of genres or history is not relevant at this point. When you listen to this music, these things become less important.”